Friday, November 18, 2011

Spinach and... oh, not tomato!

I'm hungry for goopy, steamed spinach. My nose imagines the bite of bacon smoke, my tongue wants the dark squishy leaves in a creamy white sauce. I've got chipotle vegan sausage in the fridge, so maybe that will deke out my nose... in a good way.

I rinse and squeeze the "sausage" a few times; it's usually too spicy and salty for my taste. After washing the spinach in a big pot, I leave a bit of water for steaming at the bottom, adding the crumbled vausage on top. Turn up the heat and cover for 3 minutes. Meanwhile, chop up an apple and a roma tomato.

While the spinach is draining in a colander, I squish together the apple, tomato, a half avocado, a few snipped tips of green onion, and Asha's (leftover) raspberry dressing from yesterday. What about a big white bowl (Business Costco) since the ingredients are bright but bulky?

Once the dressing is mixed, I finely chop the almost-dry spinach and vausage on the cutting board and stir everything together.

It looks delicious. Colorful, a mix of tastes and textures. I left two slices of apple unchopped for side accompaniment: the apple has the watermarks around its core of almost-freezing temps when perfectly ripe - the best way to eat an apple!!!

Rating: 2/5. It's a disappointment.
Taste: The slimy spinach and tomatoes mix in a very unpleasant way. Once I let it rest a bit, the flavors mix, the spinach cools, and it tastes much better - almost a 3/5. The tomato was a "not sure, but I'll try it." My first instincts were right: no tomato next time! I wo-manfully eat about half, and leave the rest for supper, when everything will have mixed completely. I'm going to add some more seasoning too, maybe the Smoked South African Salt W got at TJs...
Calories: 545 for 2 meals from 250 vausage, 95 apple, 25 spinach, 140 avocado half, 35 tomato.
Tea: Duchess Earl Grey, Trader Joes. This is NOT a disappointment :-)

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