Saturday, November 19, 2011

Simply Saturday

Something baked.

I'm hungry for cake (not good for me), so pancakes sound like they could be a second-best option. First, main ingredients.

Prep the griddle with 1 tbsp oil spread with a paper towel...
Hmmm, it calls for egg. How about egg-ish? And choose a plate from the china cabinet (Royal Doulton). So the plate has grapes. Don't they look a bit like blueberries?

I like to cover pancakes during cooking so the centers get completely cooked. I'm not only impulsive. I'm also impatient when I'm really hungry. "Chocolate Chai" tea steeps while I wait...

And then it's done!

... and eaten, out in the conservatory. The tea provides a splendid contrast of bitter-sweet flavor... until it's all gone.

Rating: 3/5 Pretty ordinary, I'd say. Good, but nothing special, though the tea was terrific.
Calories: 500
Taste: should have used syrup. I put in too much egg replacer, so they were a big gummy to chew. And I forgot to add 1 tbsp of sugar and a squeeze of lemon to pop up the wild berry flavor.
Tea: Chocolate Chai

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