Friday, August 10, 2012

Cabin brunch

I'm in love with "Pastor Rohde Pancakes." Per person, our good friend and retired pastor, Erwin Rohde, used this formula to feed his guests (makes about 4 X 4" pancakes for each person):

1 (very-high-) heaped tbsp. of pancake mix
1 egg
water or milk to make the consistency of crepes (more liquid) or pancakes (less liquid)

Mix together until it's no longer lumpy. Optional: add nuts or fruit. I bought huckleberries ($12/lb!) at the local grocer and stirred them in.

Heat 1-2 tbsp. butter and 1-2 tbsp. oil in a med-hot saucepan. Sometimes the butter splatters (too much moisture,) so have a lid ready to contain the heating fat. Drain excess fat into a glass measuring cup or similar non-melting container.

To the remaining fat in the pan, add 2 tbsp. - 1/4 c. batter and swish it to the edges (crepes) or let sit and cook (pancakes). You'll know it's ready to flip over to bake the other side when the top is dry (crepes) or bubbles form (pancakes).

Remove to a plate and cover with a clean dishtowel to keep hot and moist until serving.

Repeat by adding fat from measuring cup to pan, draining back excess, adding batter, etc.

VEGAN: use egg replacer instead of the egg. Still tastes great!

Between flipping pancakes, I fried an egg like Mom used to do:

To butter and oil melted in a separate med-hot pan (drain excess fat as above), break in an egg.

Turn off the heat and cover the pan, letting the steam cook the top of the egg and the bottom heat cook the bottom. Takes 2-4 minutes, with minimal peeking so you don't lose the steamed heat!

I put the fried egg on the pancake stack, stabbed the egg to release the yolk, and - oh yum!!! a lovely protein- and -fruit-rich brunch.

Taste: savory, sour-sweet (hucks). Perfect for an 11am meal!
Time to make: 10 minutes
Calories: 4-500, made with water, and with 1 egg. Syrup is extra.
Tea: jasmine green