Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lunch: corn and (vegan) sausage soup

I'm hungry. I head to the kitchen to see what's around.

Open the fridge. There's the Field Roast sausage left after I used the rest of the bundle a few days ago. Turn on the burner to medium. Slice the "meat"-ish into the pan. No fat needed.

What else sounds good? The carrot pulp from this morning's juice? Sure. Wonder if I have a can of creamed corn - could make some soup with that?

Nope, there's just a can of corn kernels. Fine. Open the can partway, drain the water. Open the can all the way and dump it atop the sausage. Don't forget a sprinkle of dehydrated onions.

Add a few spices. I'm smelling the air... mixed salt of course, smoked paprika, ground black pepper, dried thyme.

Out to the conservatory, where I have a bunch of veges cooling. Potato? Great. Dice it and toss it in with the corn. Stir occasionally. No liquid added yet.

Green onion? Sure, tear the tops off a bunch and chop them on the cutting board. Basil leaves? Chop up three stems, and ooooh... I see parsley so I grab a few stems and chop them as well, but let them sit until the last minute.

I add about 1 cup of water from the hot tap to the pot. It boils immediately. Turn down the heat to medium low and leave the room for 10 minutes.

Choose a pretty bowl... the soup must be done by now! Put it in the plate and sprinkle with the fresh herbs. Stir. Oh, YUM. What a great lunch!!!

Made about 3 servings.
Approx calories: 350 each.
Rating: 4/5. 
Taste: spicy, hearty, good blend of crisp, soft, and chewable. I'd make it again.
Tea: Darjeeling, black.

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