Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Over the years, I've cooked thousands of meals for family, friends, strangers, and yup, self. At this point, I'm a vegan. Not a religious one. Just someone whose system disagrees with all animal foods, including honey, eggs, dairy, and meat. Sigh. I'd love a steak right now. I admit it.

But it's lunchtime. So I'm hungry. I'm heading for the kitchen. Gonna cook up something. Don't know what yet. But I'll open the fridge and pretty soon, I'll be eating. Stick with me? I'll keep you posted on some of the things that emerge from the Impulsive Foodie kitchen... Here goes.

20 minutes later, I have a fabulous corn and (vegan) sausage soup. YUM! That will be my next post. Don't miss it!

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