Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ask not what asparagus can do for you...

A peek in the fridge shows some Wang's Korean noodles and leftover curry. Yum.

I boil the home-style vermicelli in salted water while the curry reheats. I can't eat brown and beige on a day like today. Even my plate needs a hint of color. I love the pale periwinkle bowl from IKEA.

I find a package of smoked asparagus spears in the freezer door. Oh good! I break the stalks in half and toss them onto the noodles to heat for a minute, then drain the pot.

It looks good enough to eat once I put the noodles, asparagus, and curry side by side.

One of the dogs comes right up to my chair to stare me down for a bite. "Nope, you get dog food, not people food. Sorry, Ziggy." But his face IS adorable!

Rating: 4/5 Curry gets better with reheating, no doubt about it.
Taste: savory, smokey, hearty, wholesome. AND filling, even though I only take half of the "one portion" of noodles.
Time to cook: 5 minutes
Calories: 500: 300 from noodles, 50 from asparagus, 150 from curry
Tea: Jasmine black, from leaves that unfurl in my cup as I walk upstairs to the office to eat.

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