Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Strange salad

I'm in the mood for a salad.

I was waiting for a phone call all morning so didn't have breakfast. That means lunch needs substance. I have spelt berries (wheat) and a half cube of curry flavoring. 1/2 c. of berries to 3 1/2 c. water? Might work. I crumble in the edge of a vegan bouillon cube. The mix boils for 10 minutes.

Then I add some sprouted dry grains and cook another 10 minutes. While I'm waiting, I sort and wash the greens and put them in a big mixing bowl.
After 20 minutes, the water is almost gone, so I find some broccoli florets and toss them in to steam. Soon the grains and bean are brown and the broccoli is bright green. I dump the whole thing over the cleaned lettuce and stir. Ah, I need a little packet of wasabi peas for zip.

It's pretty and tastes okay. Like nothing my mother ever made, though. I can't think of anything I'd add or take away, so that's a good sign.

Rating: 3/5
Taste: the mild Asian curry goes surprisingly well with spelt and beans
Calories: 400. A little grain goes a long way; I have at least half left over for next time.
Time to prepare: 25 minutes
Tea: Timothy's Earl Grey (bag)

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