Saturday, December 17, 2011

Plain and simple

Scottish oatmeal. Ah, a breakfast to warm the heart and tummy.

1 c. stone-cut oats
3 c. water *(option: sub up to 1 c. water with "milk," but watch that it doesn't boil over)

After it boils, turn down the heat and stir.

Go away for a half hour. Stir again. Turn off the heat.

Let it sit or serve it. I forget about it for 1/2 hour. When I come back, it's soft and fabulous.

Add it to my favorite bowl (from Anthropologie) topped by a sprinkle of brown sugar and a puddle of soy milk. The bird painting barely peeks over breakfast. Practically perfect.

Rating: 5/5 You can't eat much better than this
Taste: hearty, hot.
Calories: 500
Time to prepare: 25-30 minutes
Tea: Jasmine black leaves. Rinsed, then steeped in a Christmas pot.

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