Saturday, August 3, 2013

First summer supper at the cabin

We've spent a month in SE Asia. This week and next, it's a treat to spend time at our cabin in Montana.

There's usually not a big variety of food when we first arrive at the cabin. However, after a general Costco run, I found these ingredients in the fridge and on the counter. It took less than 10 minutes to prepare and begin this easy supper. What was in it?

Fresh rolls
Yummy cheese

  • Ciabatta herb rolls
  • Organic lettuce mix
  • Chinese barbecue pork with hot mustard and sesame seeds
  • Brie
 We slice the rolls and pork and cut open the sesame seed and mustard packets.

BBQ Chinese pork from the
St. Regis supermarket
Sharp hot mustard and
sesame seeds

We spread Brie on the rolls, topping them with pork, seasonings, and greens. It's a quick feast - and a delicious one!

Fresh greens
Fruit that's sweet and sour

Instead of tea, we sip Florida orange juice. We feel blessed by the simple fresh abundance.

Our finished supper sandwiches

Rating: 4/5; would have given it a 4.5 if I'd melted the cheese into the bread
Taste: both sharp (brie, mustard, and dark greens) and sweet-savory (meat and bread)
Calories: Up to 600, depending on amount of pork and cheese
Time to prepare: 10 min. finding and prepping ingredients. The actual assembly takes 1-2 minutes.
Tea: OJ this time around
Beauty: Pretty colors of red, yellow, beige and greens
Improvements: Melt the cheese and heat the rolls (an extra 5 minutes in a covered frying pan or 1 minutes in the microwave.)

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